Feb 26, 2009

PicoContainer Web 2.3 released

New (since 2.2):

  • Parameters from Query-Strings and Form-Fields can be lazily created if not registered with the container
  • PicoWebRemoting can speak Ruby hash fragments in addition to JSON and XML
  • PicoWebRemoting has a additional convention based mechanism for binding to post/get/put/deelte

Jan 21, 2009

PicoContainer Web 2.2 released

New (since 2.1):

  • PicoContainer Web Remoting (PWR); works on its own, or with WebWork1/2 and Struts1/2

Changes (versus 2.1):

  • New and improved ways to depend on Query String and Form-Field parameters outside of the pertinent web frameworks

Oct 14, 2008

PicoContainer Web 2.1 released

New (since 2.0.1):

  • Above and beyond the capability of the web-technology in question (Struts/Webwork etc), actions can now require one or more of HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse and HttpSession to be injected.

July 2, 2008

PicoContainer Web 2.0.1 released

New (since 2.0):

  • A different design for the customization of the scoped containers has been implemented

Changes (versus 2.0):

  • Struts2 bug fixed. Apps that use Hibernate style value objects could have NullPointExceptions

June 30, 2008

PicoContainer-Web 2.0 released

This is the first release of a PicoContainer Web. It has a 2.0 release number because it is tracking the release cycle of PicoContainer itself, and cannot rely on PicoContainer 1.x. Formerly these web components were part of the NanoContainer project.