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org.picocontainer This package contains the core API for PicoContainer, a compact container for working with the dependency injection pattern. 
org.picocontainer.containers Containers are the main user entry point for PicoContainer. 

Uses of Converting in org.picocontainer

Classes in org.picocontainer that implement Converting
 class DefaultPicoContainer

The Standard PicoContainer/MutablePicoContainer implementation.


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Classes in org.picocontainer.classname that implement Converting
 class DefaultClassLoadingPicoContainer
          Default implementation of ClassLoadingPicoContainer.

Uses of Converting in org.picocontainer.containers

Classes in org.picocontainer.containers that implement Converting
 class AbstractDelegatingMutablePicoContainer
          abstract base class for delegating to mutable containers
 class AbstractDelegatingPicoContainer
          Abstract base class for immutable delegation to a PicoContainer
 class CommandLineArgumentsPicoContainer
          Deprecated. Use CommandLinePicoContainer instead.
 class CommandLinePicoContainer
          CommandLineArgumentsPicoContainer configured itself from array of strings which are most likely coming in as command line arguments
 class CompositePicoContainer
          CompositePicoContainer takes a var-args list of containers and will query them in turn for getComponent(*) and getComponentAdapter(*) requests.
 class EmptyPicoContainer
          Empty pico container serving as recoil damper in situations where you do not like to check whether container reference supplied to you is null or not
 class ImmutablePicoContainer
          wrap pico container to achieve immutability Typically its used to mock a parent container.
 class PropertiesPicoContainer
          immutable pico container constructed from properties.
 class SystemPropertiesPicoContainer
          A container backed by system properties (is a PropertiesPicoContainer)
 class TieringPicoContainer
 class TransientPicoContainer

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