Package org.picocontainer

This package contains the core API for PicoContainer, a compact container for working with the dependency injection pattern.


Interface Summary
Behavior<T> Behaviors modify the components created by a Injector with additional behaviors
BehaviorFactory Extends ComponentFactory to provide factory methods for Behaviors
ComponentAdapter<T> A component adapter is responsible for providing a specific component instance of type <T>.

A component factory is responsible for creating ComponentAdapter component adapters.

ComponentMonitor A component monitor is responsible for monitoring the component instantiation and method invocation.
ComponentMonitorStrategy Interface responsible for changing monitoring strategy.
Converters A facade for a collection of converters that provides string-to-type conversions.
Converting Interface for containers that can handle string-to-object conversion in object parameters.
Disposable An interface which is implemented by components that need to dispose of resources during the shutdown of that component.
Injector<T> Implementers are responsible for instantiating and injecting dependancies into Constructors, Methods and Fields.
LifecycleStrategy An interface which specifies the lifecycle strategy on the component instance.
MutablePicoContainer This is the core interface used for registration of components with a container.
ObjectReference<T> A way to refer to objects that are stored in "awkward" places (for example inside a HttpSession or ThreadLocal).
Parameter This class provides control over the arguments that will be passed to a constructor.
Parameter.Resolver Resolver is used transitarily during resolving of Parameters.
PicoContainer This is the core interface for PicoContainer.
PicoVisitor Interface realizing a visitor pattern for PicoContainer as described in the GoF.
Startable An interface which is implemented by components that can be started and stopped.

Class Summary
Characteristics Collection of immutable properties, holding behaviour characteristics.
Characteristics.ImmutableProperties Read only property set.

The Standard PicoContainer/MutablePicoContainer implementation.

Parameter.DelegateResolver Delegate to another reolver
Parameter.NotResolved The Parameter cannot (ever) be resolved
Parameter.ValueResolver A fixed value wrapped as a Resolver
PicoBuilder Helps assembles the myriad items available to a picocontainer.

Exception Summary
PicoCompositionException Subclass of PicoException that is thrown when there is: - a problem initializing the container - a cyclic dependency between components occurs.
PicoException Superclass for all Exceptions in PicoContainer.
PicoVerificationException Subclass of PicoException that is thrown when a PicoContainer hierarchy cannot be verified.

Package org.picocontainer Description

This package contains the core API for PicoContainer, a compact container for working with the dependency injection pattern.

When you use PicoContainer for dependency injection, you create a new instance of MutablePicoContainer, register classes (and possibly ComponentAdapters and component instances created through other means).

Object instances can then be accessed through the PicoContainer interface. The container will create all instances for you automatically, resolving their dependencies and order of instantiation. The default container implementation is the DefaultPicoContainer class.

An extensive user guide, a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with answers and a lot more information is available from the PicoContainer website. You can also find various extensions, wrappers and utility libraries that are based on this core API there.

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