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  1. Introduction dependency injection, containers page screenshot Dependency Injection (DI) introduced to those that don't know what it is, as well as the concepts of containers (more…)
  2. PicoContainer 2.14.1 general purpose di / ioc container Project screenshot
    18 October 2012
    Bugs Fixed. Jar Size - 325K. (more…)
  3. PicoContainer 2.15 general purpose di / ioc container Project screenshot
    08 October 2014
    Bugs Fixed. Jar Size - 325K. (more…)
  4. Martin Fowler on DI dependency injection, martin fowler page screenshot Martin Fowler wrote the canonical article on Dependency Injection after talking to the PicoContainer team in 2003. (read about it on his bliki…)
  5. Lifecycle concepts starting/stopping containers page screenshot DI containers can force lifecycle state changes on to the components they hold (more…)
  6. Different Injection Types Constructor, Setter, etc page screenshot The different types of DI compared and summarized (more…)
  7. Scoped Containers parent containers, child containers page screenshot Individual containers can optionally have parent or child containers representing different scopes. These could be organized in a tree design. (more…)
  8. Modifying Behaviors caching, implementation hiding, etc page screenshot Containers can modify the behaviors of components directly, or as seen by other components in a directed graph of components (more…)
  9. Inversion of Control Patterns, Principals, Concepts page screenshot Inversion of Control (IoC) is the concept that gave birth to Dependency Injection, and should be understood by developers using DI containers (more…)