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Method Injection


This is where a component has an empty constructor and gets all its dependencies injected into single method after instantiation:

public class Apple {
  private Orange orange;
  private Pear pear;
  private Banana banana;
  public inject(Orange orange, Pear pear, Banana banana) { = orange; 
    this.pear = pear; 
    this.banana = banana; 
  // other methods 


pico = new DefaultPicoContainer(new MethodInjection();
pico.addComponent(Apple.class); // etc 
Apple apple = pico.getComponent(Apple.class);

Custom injection method prefix:

pico = new DefaultPicoContainer(new MethodInjection("mySynonymForInject");
pico.addComponent(Apple.class); // etc 
Apple apple = pico.getComponent(Apple.class);

Via the default AdaptiveInjection Method injection, via a characteristic:

pico = new DefaultPicoContainer();\_INJECTION).addComponent(Apple.class); // etc
Apple apple = pico.getComponent(Apple.class);

The method name needs be ‘inject’ unless overridden in the InjectionFactory.

The component factory for this is MethodInjection . It only handles method-injection types of components.

Additionally the default component factory AdaptiveInjection can also handle method-injection types, but only if the METHOD_INJECTION characteristic is specified.