Interface Disposable

All Known Subinterfaces:
ClassLoadingPicoContainer, MutablePicoContainer
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDelegatingMutablePicoContainer, DefaultClassLoadingPicoContainer, DefaultPicoContainer, TieringPicoContainer, TransientPicoContainer

public interface Disposable

An interface which is implemented by components that need to dispose of resources during the shutdown of that component. The dispose() must be called once during shutdown, directly after Startable.stop() (if the component implements the Startable interface).

See Also:
the Startable interface if you need to start() and stop() semantics., the main PicoContainer interface (and hence its subinterfaces and implementations like {@link DefaultPicoContainer}) implement this interface.

Method Summary
 void dispose()
          Dispose this component.

Method Detail


void dispose()
Dispose this component. The component should deallocate all resources. The contract for this method defines a single call at the end of this component's life.

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