Interface Startable

All Known Subinterfaces:
ClassLoadingPicoContainer, MutablePicoContainer
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDelegatingMutablePicoContainer, DefaultClassLoadingPicoContainer, DefaultPicoContainer, TieringPicoContainer, TransientPicoContainer

public interface Startable

An interface which is implemented by components that can be started and stopped. The start() must be called at the begin of the component lifecycle. It can be called again only after a call to stop(). The stop() method must be called at the end of the component lifecycle, and can further be called after every start(). If a component implements the Disposable interface as well, stop() should be called before Disposable.dispose().

For more advanced and pluggable lifecycle support, see the functionality offered by picocontainer-gems subproject.

Paul Hammant, Aslak Hellesøy
See Also:
the Disposable interface if you need to dispose() semantics.

Method Summary
 void start()
          Start this component.
 void stop()
          Stop this component.

Method Detail


void start()
Start this component. Called initially at the begin of the lifecycle. It can be called again after a stop.


void stop()
Stop this component. Called near the end of the lifecycle. It can be called again after a further start. Implement Disposable if you need a single call at the definite end of the lifecycle.

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